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Plenary Speakers

    Professor Soo-Wohn Lee    

IUMRS President & Sun Moon University, Research Center for Eco Multi-Functional Nanomaterials Global Research Laboratory, South Korea

Title: Ehanced Visible Light Responsive Photocatalytic Performances of BiVO4 with Strategic Modification of Metal Doping

Dr. Khalil Amine

            Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Manager of the Advanced Battery Team
        Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA

Title: Advanced High Energy Battery Chemistries for Automotive Applications

Dr. Mark Re

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Seagate, USA

TitleData Storage at the Edge & Beyond


Prof. Dr. B. V. R. Chowdari 
School of Materials Science & Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


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31 October 2017 -3 November 2017, The Empress Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand